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Dublin Poems

Sunandan Roy Chowdhury


The cricket field
All awake through the night
Whisky maturing in the cabinet
Fatigued relief at day's end

Mention of Dublin
Had turned the excitement on
For my acquaintance
From south Calcutta

Mercedes and Volkswagen
Have engulfed
The city of Joyce
In a corner the freedom
Of the glorious statue

Poetry in the pubs
Little magazines
Jostling with one another
The stink of the sweaty armpits
Of Calcutta's coffee-house is missing

In a moment of overflowing poetry
Yeats gives up a little seat
For Sankho Ghosh, Jibanananda, Shakti,
He goes on his way
In a blue double-decker.

23 October 2009
61 Anglesea Road, Balls Bridge, Dublin 4



1968 stands still
Paris, Frankfurt School
Europe of Mao Tse-Tung

The heat of Naxalbari
Softly touches skin
South wind blows
Thin into the jungle and Mahua

Revolution charms
In an European island
The fairy tale hero
Holds my hand
We travel to a land beyond

A society without leader
Men dead in their souls
Women without desire
The metro door refuses to open

Night deepens towards dawn
I return home with Che
On the way he asks,
'Haven't you buried Mao yet?"

31 October 2009
61 Anglesea Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Poet's Note: As a guest of Ireland Literature Exchange in the programme to facilitate translators of Irish literature, I had spent four weeks with my son in Dublin, in October-November of 2009. Sinead MacAodha and her colleagues at ILE made my stay extremely enjoyable, and I made friends with wonderful writers and poets of Ireland. In that period I wrote a few poems, of which two have backdrop of Ireland and Europe. There are three Bengali poets mentioned in my poems. They are Jibanananda Das, Sakti Chattopadhyay and Shankho Ghosh, the three most important poets in the second half of 20th century in Bengal. Naxalbari is a place in north Bengal where the Maoist movement of India started in 1967. Mahua is a drink popular among rural folk in different parts of Bengal and eastern India.

Tags: Poetry, Dublin, Indian English poetry

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