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International Freedom Battalion:
Women of the World, defend the Rojava revolution!

SEREKANIYE - The International Freedom Battalion, a new brigade of international revolutionaries fighting to defend the Rojava revolution, has called on women of the world to join their ranks.

This week, international revolutionary fighters who have come to Rojava to defend the revolution there announced the formation of the International Freedom Battalion. The brigad had its opening ceremony in Serekaniye. The battalion, explained member Sefagul Aslan from Turkey, works to strengthen and defend the Rojava revolution through both military and non-military activities.

Revolutionary left organizations from Turkey, Spain, Greece and Germany have formed the battalion and invite revolutionary-minded individuals and groups from around the world to join. Sefagul is a member of communist group TKP-ML/TİKKO from Turkey.

"As people from around the world are joining Daesh and taking part in inhumane barbarism, we are doing the opposite. We're forming a battalion to fight alongside the YPG/YPJ, to provide a space for peoples from around the world and to build international unity," explained Sefagul. She stressed that there was space in the battalion for revolutionaries of all religions, languages and identities. Members do not only fight; IFB also takes part in non-military activities to build the revolution.

At the same time, the brigade is working against the oppression of women. Daesh has become known worldwide for its practices of raping women and selling them as slaves. Sefagul said that she and her group had long witnessed the Turkish's state's violence against women. The revolution in Rojava gave her hope that change was possible for women around the world.

"Every victory here by the women's liberation movement gives hope to the women of the world," said Sefagul. "We want to see women leave their homes and come here."

By: Rojda Serhat/JINHA

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19 June 2015


Background report

The International Freedom Battalion consisted of forces from peoples who live in Rojava, Kurdistan and the Middle East is established in Serekaniye. It is stated that the battalion will fight against the ISIS and suchlike gangs, and the occupant forces. It was announced that the principal goal of the battalion is to protect the peoples of Rojava and the Middle East from all sorts of attacks.

The establishment of the battalion which is in support of the "Commander Rubar Qamishlo" offensive was announced in a ceremony.

Alongside with the Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP), TKP-ML/TIKKO, Spain Reconstruction Organization, United Freedom Forces (BOG) and MLSPB Revolution Front; Circassian, Greek, Turkish, German and Armenian revolutionaries also active in the structure.

Below appears the press statement of the International Freedom Battalion titled as, "We are in the International Battalion to Protect the Rojava Revolution":

"The Middle East is turned into a sea of blood by the hands of imperialist blood suckers and colonialism. Through the ISIS gangs organized by the same forces, the region is being tried to be occupied and the people are being forced to submit. Massacres committed by the ISIS gangs against Christians, Yazidis, Assyrians and Muslims, rapes, abductions and selling of the women and children, mass execution ceremonies, various inhumane practices are in fact the reflection of their imperialist masters and their centuries old practices.

The spectacular resistance of organized popular movements led by the YPG-YPJ against those who wish to drown peoples in this lake of blood, make them forget their languages, beliefs, lives and personalities have succeeded in Rojava, as it did in Kobane, Shingal, Til-Hemis and Serekaniye.

The Rojava revolution has made a tremendous impact, the resistance of the YPG-YPJ has turned into a field that the impoverished peoples enviously admire, increase their solidarity actions and send fighters and it has became today's Beqaa and today's Palestine. The Rojava revolution is now, the Paris Commune under the German siege, Madrid of the Spanish Civil War and Stalingrad of the Second World War.

The Rojava revolution ran the power balances of surrounding countries, foremost Turkey upside down and has become the heart of the world revolutions that grow bigger every single day and a torch of resistance of the oppressed peoples.

As a women's revolution, the Rojava revolution have created a strong women will against the male-dominated world reactionism and became its symbol. Revolutionaries from the world who undertake defending the Rojava revolution and spreading its course as a historical duty and a responsibility have turned their faces towards the Middle East and have not hesitated, not even a moment to fight in fronts, shed their blood and die for the victory.

Revolutionary forces who have come to the lands of Rojava all around Turkey and the world to enhance and advance the revolution, as well as to greaten and carry the war to their lands have struggled for the essential contribution to the war and to the revolution.

We, who fight on every inch of Rojava, who die as martyrs, who raise the flag of resistance ...

We, who fight up front against imperialism and regional reactionaries ...

We, who confront the savage attacks carried out with all support in order to suppress the revolution by the ISIS gangs ...

We, who live the revolution, who feel it in their veins and cells ...

We, who realize the Rojava revolution, the peoples who live in Kurdistan, the workers, oppressed, women, internationalist revolutionaries who fight under the flag of YPG-YPJ ...

We have taken an oath, made a promise to the ones who have fallen before us, to the values created before ...

We are the Spanish, Germans, Greeks, Turks, Arabs, Armenians, Laz, Circassians, Albanians ...

We, as internationalists, revolutionary forces, organizations, groups from all around the world have united under INTERNATIONAL FREEDOM BATTALION in order to defend the Rojava revolution.

The oppressed people, workers, laborers, women, youth, communities of different believes and identities, ecologists, anti-imperialists, anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, democrats and revolutionaries; we call upon you to fight and triumph under the flag of INTERNATIONAL FREEDOM BATTALION to defend the Rojava revolution, increase our gains, enhance the fraternity of the people and the revolution of the Middle East and the region ..."

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