Saturday, September 25, 2021
The old revenue model of newspapers was first hit by a degenerating disease some two decades ago. The coronavirus crisis has sent it to the ICU and it is...
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long form

Coronavirus – the end of globalization?

The Coronavirus is bringing radical changes to humanity. It has already brought severe consequences to the global economy. Stock markets around the world are...

The C** Word: Covid-19 and Calculation

Calculation is omnipresent in the current pandemic. And yet, Continental philosophers never talk about calculation: it seems to be the c** of philosophy. Why...

Power, Appearance, and Obscenity: Five Reflections

ONE: The New Obscene Master The obscene public space that is emerging today changes the way the opposition between appearance and rumor works. It is...

How Scientism Spawns Pseudoscience and Science Denialism

Scientism – the belief that science is the only valid source of knowledge and that all legitimate questions can be answered by science –...

How coronavirus to turn balances upside down in post-pandemic art 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the art world and market globally. Do you have any idea what the post-pandemic art world will look like? The...

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The Thirst


Dabangg in Singapore

Dabangg is an illustration of how Bollywood processes the filth, crime and corruption of India’s heartland into celluloid masti, and probably, into a blockbuster.

Life Under Capitalism

Sofaman is a collaboration between Singapore’s The Necessary Stage and The KnAM Theatre from Russia.

The Silent Sufferers

I’ve not seen all the plays that Director Alvin Tan and Playwright Haresh Sharma have done together in the last 20 years but amongst the ones that I have seen, “Model Citizens” is one of their best—honest, direct and biting.

Bengal’s Balzac

When I was asked to review Rajat Das’ debut novel (Paper Boat, Flame of the Forest) I approached the offer with skepticism.
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